Weekend 05/08/ – 06/08

This weekend has been one of the best weekends of my life so far. After over a year of waiting since having booked the tickets, the day finally came.

The day I got to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.


I will honour the #keepthesecrets request of the producers and I won’t give any spoilers as to the plot (this post isn’t a review anyway) as I know a lot of people haven’t seen it yet and/or haven’t read the script so as to not spoil it for themselves.

But I will say this.

It is fantastic! The storyline is so immersive and the way they use the stage is just incredible. It’s the best thing I have every seen at the theatre, by far. It was like they are doing actual magic at times. I knew it would be a good production as friends had already seen it, it’s won awards etc but I don’t think I was actually prepared for just how awesomely fantastic it was. If you are lucky enough to have already got tickets you are in for treat. If not, I hope you get the chance to see it in the future. It will blow your mind.

As I’ve already said, I booked these tickets over a year ago and have literally been counting down the days. At 2pm on Friday I started screaming at my desk “AHHHHH! In 24 hours I’m gonna be watching Harry Potter!!” which I don’t think my colleagues appreciated much. However my excitement was also tinged fear. I have mild anxiety so while I was so excited for the play, I was really nervous about it too.

To be honest the worst part was walking to our seats. We were in the Grand Circle, row C, and walking down those few steps to our seat, my head started feeling all weird and floaty and my knees felt like jelly – which is really odd as I’m not scared of heights, so I don’t know what was going on there. I also have this really irrational fear I’m going to pass out or have a heart attack which I started worrying about when I sat down as I obviously didn’t want that to happen during the play. When the play started every niggling thought was pushed from my mind. And obviously I was fine – else this post would be titled “How I ruined what should have been the best day of my life so far”.

I had given myself a pep talk before I left and basically said to myself “Do not ruin today for me brain, we have been looking forward to this day for too long” which I think really helped. This morning I have been thinking about why my anxiety is getting a bit worse, I think it’s because I haven’t been out in a while, so it’s not something I’m use to. Because of this, when I do have plans I start thinking about what could go wrong, worrying about it, making it into this big monster in my head – it’s starting to get crazy now. But it’s what I do – I was doing it to dual carriageways when I was having driving lessons, making them into this huge thing, freaking out about going on them, worrying I’m going to faint or something while driving and cause an accident. I am literally making mountains out of mole hills. My mind has a mountain range of issues, each now the size of Olympus Mons on Mars – I really have to stop doing this as it is ruining my life…

I have deviated a little bit there, sorry about that. Lets get back to this weekend.

Saturday was bloody brilliant, but now I’m going to have a chilled Sunday, I might tackle the HUGE pile of ironing I have been putting off for nearly two months – no wonder my wardrobe is empty. Mum has gone up to Scarborough to spend a few days with her Dad so I’m gonna put on Netflix, have a bit of lunch while I decide what I’m gonna do with the rest of my Sunday.

Though I really want to just read Harry Potter now…

If you’ve seen it – what did you think of The Cursed Child?

Also, does anyone have any tips for anxiety – how to deal with it? How to stop it growing? I know it’s my own fault, that I’m making it worse, but I just don’t know how to stop my mind spiralling about certain issues.


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