My favourite Harry Potter things

While 26th June this year marked the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. July is also a very important month for us Potterheads, not only is Harry’s birthday 31st July 1980, Neville’s birthday is 30th July 1980,  five of the seven books were published in this month over the years AND Harry should have received his Hogwarts letter 24th July 1991…


In honour of this awesome month I have decided to do this little post, just a small collection of some of my favourite Harry Potter things I have collected over the years.



For my birthday in 2015 my friends took me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and it was THE BEST DAY EVER! This is the badge I was given after we went on the Hogwarts Express, I use to have it on my dressing gown but that got covered in paint (luckily the badge didn’t!) so was thrown out and as it’s summer has yet to be replaced. Whenever I see it I remember the sheer awesomeness that is Harry Potter Studio Tours.



I have three Harry Potter scarves and I basically live in these in winter. The vintage Hufflepuff – or Newt Scamander’s scarf – is my favouite out of the three because, well…Newt Scamander. Do I need to say more?


2017-07-09 12.03.20

I got this a few Christmases ago from my best friend. She knows how much I love Harry Potter, and how much I love coffee, tea and mugs in general. Perfect!



Hermione’s Time Turner. Enough said.



My collectors edition Tales of Beedle the Bard, probably my most prized possession and one of the coolest books I own.



My Harry Potter tattoo, the deathly hallows symbol with the quote everyone knows and loves. Which also exemplifies my love for the whole series, no matter how long it will be, there will always be a special place in my heart for the Potter universe. I love this tattoo, I only wish I had got it larger.


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