Friday Favourites.

Today marks my first “Friday Favourites” post, we all know the drill so I’m just going to get straight into it.

Actually before I do, I would just like to make it known…I have done very little this week except house work and work work. My bad, I should have selected a more exciting week to start this post.

Favourite Colour

2016-05-26 21.06.05

Dulux Woodland Fern 2. I recently completed the mammoth task of painting my bedroom this colour (well…the ceiling and one wall are white) and I was very worried that it would be too dark. Maybe it is for some people, I have no idea. But I think it looks brilliant and I’m really proud that I did it all by myself. There are just a few finishing touches I need to make to my room before it is complete. I think the colour is beautiful, I actually brought a nail varnish in  a similar shade…

Favourite Show

2016-05-26 21.07.10

End of last week I was stuck in a rut, I was reading a book that was really not engaging my interest, when this happens I fall on Netflix to help me though the long and lonely nights. Specifically, at present, The Good Wife – if you haven’t watched it have no fear, I am not one for spoilers! All I will say is that if you like legal dramas or shows with strong female leads, then give this a shot. I wasn’t terribly gripped at first but I found myself still wanting to know what will happen next. Then all of a sudden I’m halfway through season 3 and haven’t spoken to my friends in group chat for 4 days…oops!

And yes, those are Rainbow Drops in the shot. A blast from my childhood! Available in a Tesco near you!…possibly.

Favourite Time Occupier

2016-05-26 21.09.04

As I mentioned in the above “Favourite Show” – I was in a book slump. I wanted to have a “Book Nook” series on here where I said which book I was reading, if I liked it and my favourite quotes from the book (no spoilers though). The book I was reading made reading seem like a chore, it was awkward and didn’t read well at all (I even checked on Good Reads to make sure I wasn’t just being silly, but this was the general consensus). Now, I’m not one to stop reading a book halfway though, but I did this time.

Life is too short for bad literature.

Last night I picked up Lolita, and the feeling of reading a well written book really is fantastic. Honestly, it feels like your brain is just skimming over the words, absorbing it as you go. Even with a kind of ‘cringe’ plot, reading a classic really does just give one back the enjoyment that is reading.


Not the best Friday Favourites, but as you can tell I have literally just been working, reading or watching The Good Wife.

I hope everyone reading this has had a more exciting week than mine 🙂


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