Weekend 16/04-17/04

Weekends for me are usually rather dull, this weekend however was different. While our original plans (going to a farm) were cancelled due to lack of sleep and a belly ache, my best friend and I decided to spend the day in London. After a quick outfit re-think (as wellingtons and a tweed jacket are not the best attire for traversing for London Underground) we were on our way.

Our first stop was Caffè Fratelli in Mayfair to eat cannolis , which are ridiculously fantastic and if you have never tried them I would recommend you go and hunt some down! Gorgeous sweet and crumbly pastry filled with creamy chocolate and dusted with icing sugar, they are to die for. They only had the normal chocolate ones when we went it, the white chocolate ones are much nicer in my opinion.


We next wondered around for a bit (I dragged us both the Oxford Street so I could get some bath bombs from Lush) watched some street performers and then hid from the rain in TGI Fridays. The garlic bread they do there is so garlicy and cheesy and yummy. We also went there for the cocktails 🙂 I had one called ‘Gremlin’ which is “Chambord and Midori Melon with citrus juice and Blavod black vodka float” which was really nice but much sweeter than what I usually go for, but it looked cool none the less. I ordered it purely because of the name – that’s how other people pick cocktails…don’t they?


We then had an impromptu trip to the West End where we went to see Mrs Henderson Presents at the Noel Coward Theatre, it was great, the story brilliant, it’s incredibly well done and the hair and wardrobe fantastic. I will say, there is nudity, which I know will not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is very tastefully done and at first it is done in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Saturday was one of the best days on a weekend I have had in a long time. I had kept myself shut up in my room for the last few weekends, getting out and doing something on a whim made me feel much better. And not like I had wasted my weekend.

Sunday was a day for housework, I dug my pumpkin patch (which is something I have listed in my bucket list, though I won’t cross it out until I’ve actually grown something) and planted some seeds. I went a bit made with the seeds though. My pumpkin patch will now include carrots, spring onions and aubergines.



I though that the more seeds I planted, and the more variety used would increase my chances of actually growing something. Does anyone have any tips for growing either pumpkins, carrots, spring onions and aubergines? I’ve only ever grown one pumpkin and it wasn’t very big…or very orange.

The rest of my evening was very relaxed. I baked rock cakes and had a bath with one of my new bath bombs and read my book. The bath bomb was called ‘Lava Lamp’ and it made the whole of upstarts smell of orange and had purple oil floating in it that made my skin really soft.


And I went to bed a happy, sleepy bunny at 10pm – ready for a short week at work this week.

What did everyone else get up to this weekend? Any suggestions for places to visit and eat at in London for when I’m next there?


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